An Overview of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


In the digital environment of today and especially after the exponential growth of smart phones, there has been a huge rise in online searches for news and information on products and services. Websites that rank high on results pages of major search engines garner the bulk of the visitors. This is a boon for businesses as it leads to greater conversions and sales. This is what the process of SEO can do for you.

Search engine optimisation is the process by which the online presence and visibility of a web site are increased so that it ranks at the top of results pages of major search engines. These are organic or “unpaid” results.

There are a number of types of searches that SEO focuses on. These include image and video search, news search and vertical search which are searches by categories such as those that are industry specific. Then there is local search engine optimisation. This is very useful for small businesses and retail stores whose area of operation is limited to a specific location. It is important for them to be highly visible within that community to draw in customers. Having a strong presence on the Internet world wide is not necessary for these businesses.

SEO is an elaborate process that takes into account a number of strategies. It starts with competitor analysis which is a study of competitor plans to find out what has made them successful. Next in line is keyword research. These are words or phrases that people type in search engines to look for your products and services. Once the list is finalised, these are incorporated in the content of web pages so that searchers using these keywords are directed to the website. The more accurate the keyword research is the greater will be volume of traffic to the site. This is basically what SEO sets out to do.

Other tools and techniques of a good SEO plan include off-page and on-page activities and creating effective back links from authoritative articles and blogs to your website. However, web masters have to be very careful about the validity of their SEO approach. Search engines are very specific about good design and techniques being used and do not approve of others. These are known as white hat techniques that are permitted and black hat techniques that are not.

This is just the basic form and description of what SEO actually is. In reality it is a complex process which can only be handled by trained professionals in this field.